I love books, beer, coffee, tea, SciFi, espresso, music, baking, cooking, eating, food, laughing, riding my bike, going for walks, and living in Milwaukee.

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  1. conversations à vélo


    "How are you tonight?"
    "Oh I was fantastic until you blinded me with your fucking police car lights on the fucking bike trail in your fucking police car. What the hell, Officer?"*



    "Was that a sheriff’s car?"
    "No it was one of their ‘not quite an undercover’ blue cars."
    "Yeah. I think Milwaukee Police have bike cops, but state patrol have those blue cars. Which makes me wonder why state patrol is on the bike tr—"
    "I think a better question is ‘Why is there a fucking car on the bike trail at 8:45 at night blinding me with their fucking high beams and search light and then asking me how I’m doing tonight?’."
    "Well, yeah. That too."