I love books, beer, coffee, tea, SciFi, espresso, music, baking, cooking, eating, food, laughing, riding my bike, going for walks, and living in Milwaukee.

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  1. A Letter to My Mom…

    For my dearest mother,

    Who was there to push me on the swings and yell at me for jumping off.

    Who was there every night to tuck me in and say my prayers. 

    Who was there for every band performance, and every concert, and to wish me luck at every sectional.

    Who was there for most volleyball and basketball games to cheer my non-athletic self on.

    Who was there to help me out through every financial crisis.

    Who was there to introduce me to Star Trek and Star Wars as soon as I could open my eyes. 

    Who was there to save me from a flock of angry geese on the school field trip to Denver.

    Who was there when Dad was in Utah for weeks, in Turkey for months, and then gone forever.

    To my dearest mother, I thank you for always being there for me and, though you are far away now, still here for me always. 

    Happy Mother’s Day. I love you the most.

  2. Phone Calls With My Mother

    Mom: Do you have plans for Easter?

    Me: I don’t know yet. That’s the weekend the new season of Doctor Who premieres.

    Mom: You’re joking, right?

    Me: The Doctor trumps Jesus.

  3. Phone Calls With My Brother

    Me: Hello?

    Brother: Sarah. Do you know what Mom is doing?

    Me: What is Mom doing?

    Brother: She’s selling all her Beanie Babies.

    Me: I know.

    Brother: She’s selling them for $3 each.

    Me: Yup. At Curves.

    Brother: Well, some of them are worth more than that!

    Me: Norman, let me explain something to you.

    Brother: What?

    Me: Things are worth what people will pay for them.

    Brother: They’re collector items!

    Me: So are baseball cards. No one gives a shit.

    Brother: But $3?

    Me: If she gets that, she’s lucky. The craze is over.

    Brother: How long did she make us stand in those lines for those stupid bears?

    Me: The craze is over.

    Brother: But—

    Me: Norman. Just let her sell her crazy. Let her sell it $3 at a time.

    Brother: Fine. Bye.

    Me: Looovvve youuuu.