I love books, beer, coffee, tea, SciFi, espresso, music, baking, cooking, eating, food, laughing, riding my bike, going for walks, and living in Milwaukee.

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  1. Texts With the Boyfriend

    1. She: I'm dragging the 800 pound a/c out of the storage room and sis and I are gonna put it in the window.
    2. Him: #dontdie
    3. She: I can't make any promises.
    4. *twenty minutes later*
    5. She: This isn't working.
    6. Him: I hope you're referring to the A/C.
    7. She: Oh. Oops. Sorry. Yes. The A/C.
    8. Him: Whew. That was a tense minute.
    9. She: Just putting the awkward back into our relationship.
  2. Free advice: There is no such thing as a girl accidentally putting her hand against your thigh.