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  1. A Letter to My Representatives

    I have 3 Representatives: House Representative Gwen Moore, Senator Herb Kohl, and Senator Ron Johnson. A variation of this letter has been sent to each of them, and I encourage you to send your own letter to your own representatives.


    To My Representative:

    Liberty: The state of being free within a society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life.

    Our Founding Fathers, when drafting our Constitution, did not want any single person, elected leader, or group of leaders, to have the ability to impose his or her will on the country—to have too much power. The entrance to the House of Representatives best states our Founding Father’s wishes:

    “Here, sir, the people govern.” – Alexander Hamilton

    On January 24th, 2012, the Senate will be asked to vote on the Protect IP Act (PIPA)/the House will be asked to vote on the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

    This bill has nothing to do with Democrat or Republican values. This bill is nothing more than a play for power. Power to restrict the liberties of the people you represent. This bill’s existence is an insult to the vision our Founding Fathers shared for this country.

    Don’t vote for or against this bill because of your political views. Vote against this bill because, with all due respect, and for lack of a better phrase, it’s none of your business.

     Your duty, as a representative to the people, is to give voice to your people, not lobbyists and interest groups. Represent me, your constituent. Represent your other constituents. Vote against the restriction of liberty, because that is the very essence of your elected position.