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  1. Scientists are still unclear how an experimental drug used to treat DNA viruses has been shown effective against RNA virus Ebola, but probably this is how the Zombie Apocalypse begins.

  2. From the City of Milwaukee Public Health Department

    People at Higher Risk of Heat-Related Illness

    • Infants and young children

    • Older Adults

    • People with disabilities

    • Chronic heart or lung problems.

    • Overweight persons.

    • Those who work outdoors or in hot settings

    • Users of some medications: especially some drugs for mental disorders, movement disorders, allergies, depression and heart or circulatory problems.

    • Isolated persons who won’t know when or how to cool off or call for help

    Please remember to make frequent checks on elderly, ill or disabled relatives, friends or neighbors when a heat wave strikes - and help them keep cool.

    For more information, visit the CDC’s Heat Health Information Page.