I love books, beer, coffee, tea, SciFi, espresso, music, baking, cooking, eating, food, laughing, riding my bike, going for walks, and living in Milwaukee.

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  1. Five years ago today, Harry and the Potters sang an early happy birthday to my baby sister at Clark County Library in Las Vegas. A few days prior to that, they met me outside a sold out show in Phoenix, AZ, so I could buy some merchandise (which they signed), and waited for me to wrap it, and you know what? They delivered it to my sister for me.

    My sister turns 21 on Wednesday, and Harry and the Potters remains her favorite band.

    Thank you, Paul and Joe, for making my sister smile, and for helping me through the guilt of missing her Sweet Sixteen. Your obvious appreciation of and dedication to your fans is why I am now congratulating you on making it to your 10-year mark on 6/20/2012! Congratulations!! Here’s to another 10 years of fun music and tours and improv shows out of your tour van in the parking lot of sold out shows!