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  1. So there’s some kind of issue with unemployment right now, and a nice number of open jobs remaining open because there aren’t enough skilled workers to fill them. Companies are already taking initiative and going to high schools to offer apprenticeships and paying for technical school but that’s not working as well as it should because of budget cuts to education which cut, not only K-12 schools, but all the technical/trade schools as well.

    This is some kind of great mess we’re in, right? Totally awesome. And instead of coming up with a realistic solution, we’ll just all sit around and point fingers and cry about how another party could fix it without saying how.

    Because the truth is, solutions take negotiation and compromise among all political views. One party or another cannot fix anything on their own.

    So I’ll continue to vote for people who put the country’s needs ahead of their individual values, and use logic in lieu of arrogance.

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