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  1. "…Founding Father’s religion, which is Christianity…"; "…open the door to fund radical Islam schools…" 

    I’m not surprised she said it. Just disappointed and a little nauseous that people continue to practice willful ignorance.

    You want to follow a particular religion and believe things on faith, fine. I respect that.

    I do not respect taking historical and scientific facts and purposely ignoring them so you can continue spouting the same “arguments” that have been printed in pamphlets for the past 60 years.

    The Founding Fathers’ “religion” was not Christianity. Muslim schools teach math and reading and spelling just like Christian schools. Evolution doesn’t teach that humans evolved from monkeys. Federal Funds do not pay for abortions. Homosexuality is not a choice.

    But ignoring inconvenient truths makes it easier to justify absurd agendas based on questionable interpretations of an ancient collection of books.

    If you have to ignore facts and outright lie in order to get people to agree with you, it’s time to reconsider your way of thinking.

    I respect your beliefs, just not your ignorance.

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