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  1. It’s not even 9am yet…

    After several back and forth phone calls on Friday with the Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center’s Social Worker and Nurse regarding discharge plans, I was kind of expecting at least a voice mail letting me know when my client was discharged.

    Especially since we hadn’t actually established which services he’d be needing in the community. The only voice mail I have today was left by a provider needing authorization for services they started providing on Saturday.

    Because I didn’t specifically tell the Social Worker we need to know exactly what my client would need upon discharge and we would need to authorize it prior to him being discharged and, because he is consistently non-compliant with medical advice, I would need to be directly involved in discharge planning to help make sure he is getting the best services for him to ensure recovery in the community, and prevent readmission.

    Apparently the needs of the hospital to get the patient out of the hospital before the weekend trumps the actual needs of the patient.

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