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  1. I am an Air Force brat. I grew up everywhere. No, really. Everywhere. K-12 took me through 11 different schools. I didn’t get that experience of growing up with the same people my entire life, and knowing that the friends I had then are still with me now.

    So while some people might get irritated with Facebook’s ability to let people you barely talked to in junior high or high school find you, and attempt to force themselves into your life, I get a little bit excited that someone actually remembers who I am (I mean if I don’t have to think too hard to remember who this person is). I guess it just feels like the first 18 years of my life were more than just a series of passing, forgettable moments.

    Am I going to talk to that person regularly? Are we suddenly going to become the best friends we might have once had the potential to be? Am I going to accept their Mafia Wars request? Am I finally going to care enough go to some stupid high school reunion? No. Absolutely not. I finally have my own life and I just want to live it.

    But I will accept a friend request (if I remember who the person is, anyway) and spend a few minutes browsing a profile, and seeing what that person has done with their life. And, for a few minutes, I’ll feel like I have some kind of connection with the people I never got to grow up with.

    Right before I move on to the people in my life right now. Including a small handful of people I managed to keep in contact with from high school.

    1. ashedryden said: Same here; I’ve lived in over 48 places. I’m surprised when people remember me by something other than “Hey, New Girl!”.
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